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What is U15U?

U15U is an online Japanese Idol Video Library. You can search and look up information on Japanese Aydoru videos here. If you haven't watched a lot of JIV, this is a dangerous place for you, as you will soon become addicted to the wide varieties of JIVs. If you are already a fan of Japanese Gravure idol videos, then you probably already have the following symptoms. This is why U15U Library is here for you.

Too many videos that you have trouble organizing?
This site can help you organize what you own and what you like.

Cannot remember the one you always wanted?
Here, you can add the ones you like into your own favorite list, and keep track of them.

Not sure if a video is good? or even cannot remember if you have seen it?
Write your own review while check out other people's thoughts.

Try to discuss a video, but no one knows which video you are talking about?
Here, You can view and discuss videos with other people.

How do we do it?
Every video page has buttons for you to add the video to your own list. Simply click on the button to add the video to your list.

Keep track of all the videos you are interested in.
Currently, there are three lists for you to organize. If you have already watched more than hundreds, or even thousands, of javs, you probably already lost track of what videos you have already watched. If you are an enthusiastic JAV collector, you probably do not even know what videos you have in your collection. Here, you can maintain separate lists of what you are currently looking for, what you have watched and what videos you are currently holding.

On every video page, you can find others like you.
Besides the reviews and comments, you can also find out those who are interested in this particular video. You can even see if any of the video owners is in your area. You can contact him and maybe you two can make friends and arrange an exchange.